Altus Chiropractor


I’m a Chiropractic student in the final year of my Master of Chiropractic, with an accreditation in Massage and Class 4 laser therapy I’ve got a burning passion for the musculoskeletal system and biomechanics.

I enjoy sharing the knowledge I’ve gathered to help provide the necessary self-care and guidance for patients to achieve great health.

My passion for musculoskeletal care began after a back injury in AFL when I was in high school. I tried quite a few healthcare options and eventually found chiropractic where I saw my most marked improvements. I realised then that chiropractic was an under-utilised health care option that could help people in ways they may not expect or realise and knew it was for me to pursue.

I’m an avid fisherman whether on the reef flats, in the channel, in the creeks or on the dams an eye for detail and having to consider many details at any moment to achieve a good and consistent result is key in sports fishing. There’s always another approach to consider and new information or equipment to learn about much like new research and techniques in musculoskeletal care.

Working in Massage and Class 4 K-Laser I look forward to helping improve mobility and joint function by relieving muscle tension/spasm, poor daily posture, or stresses that today’s lifestyle demands of us whether from working at a desk, on a shop floor or contorted under a truck out at the mines.