I have a passion for healing and growing. I love nurturing people to become the most whole, happy, healthy beings they can be, being a holistic massage therapist and chiropractic assistant.

Having experienced C-PTSD myself and other multiple health struggles, as most of us do at times, it is my faith in a life bigger and with more love. Living from my heart and soul, learning, growing, respecting my body, changing myself for the better, working with my hands and being in service that helped me turn my life around.

As time goes on and I continue to create a safe place not only for myself, this helps me then to create a safe place of trust for others to share and understand themselves on a deeper level.

It’s been my pleasure to have had some experience with heartspeak (a neuro emotional technique), bio magnetic pairs, organic facials, Swedish and deep tissue massage, foot and head massage, doterra aroma touch technique, art, yoga, breathwork, meditation, nutritional cleansing and working on retreats in nature around out beautiful area.

During our massage appointments I will work with you physically and energetically as you relax to help release and let go of stuck energy, stress, tension and trauma (all major causes of disease) using touch and experience.

Maintaining mind, body, spirit and our connection as human beings to nature and the bigger picture is my mission.