I have been passionate and intrigued about the human body and its incredible capabilities since I was a teenager. My interest in weight training enticed me to learn about how the body worked and how you can train it to get the desired result. As with any sport…injuries occurred, which then forced me to learn how to manage those injuries and recover the body to its pain free and functional state.

Over 7 years I worked in multiple industries, yet continued to be more interested in expanding my knowledge of the human body and how it works. Eventually this led me to a career as a personal trainer, and after 3 years decided to further expand my knowledge and ability to help people by starting a degree in Chiropractic. During my studies, I have gained certificates in massage and laser therapy which has allowed me to begin helping people here at Experience Healing.

I have now completed my studies, as a Chiropractor I am joining the profession of providing people with a skill that will enable their bodies to thrive and for them to love their amazing lives.