Assess Condition

Chiropractors treat problems of the spine and nervous system. And because of the relationship of the two, they’re able to treat a range of related problems like headaches, muscle and joint pain, fatigue …… just to mention a few. Your Chiropractor has one aim, to return you back to a pain-free state of wellness using a variety of evidence based techniques. Each patient is different so during your first consultation your chiropractor will discuss the options.

The chiropractors at our clinic have years of clinical experience. They abide by stringent guidelines that ensure they keep up with the latest techniques and technologies to assist you in achieving your desired health outcome…quicker. We will conduct a thorough physical, neurological and orthopedic examination to help identify any compensations or other problems that may be a result of your initial condition. After our chiropractor has completed his consultation, he will adjust you, tailoring the adjustment specifically to your body’s need.