Maintenance Care

Maintenance Care is the final stage that ensures that the integrity of the spine is being sustained and supported.  Because day to day activities put biomechanical strain on our bodies, we must continue to monitor the health and condition of your spine through periodic evaluations.  Regular chiropractic adjustments will help insure you are living at your optimum level of health and function.

The benefits of maintenance care are that minor misalignments can be detected before they become symptomatic or well-established.  Maintenance chiropractic care allows for improved posture, enhanced function, better athletic performance, reduced injuries and an overall enjoyable pain-free lifestyle.  This type of preventative or wellness care can also save time and money by keeping minor problems from becoming more serious.

A study comprising of sixty patients were divided into three randomized groups who either received:

  1. 12 treatments of sham Spinal Manipulative Therapy (SMT) over a one month period
  2. 12 treatments of SMT over a one month period, with no subsequent follow up treatment for nine months following
  3. 12 treatments over a one month period followed with maintenance spinal manipulation every two weeks of a 9 month period.

The results used pain disability questionnaires to investigate the patient’s outcomes following their treatment plan.

In groups 2 and 3 there were significantly lower pain and disability scores at the end of the one month period.

However, only the 3rd  group who were given spinal manipulations during the follow-up period showed more improvement in pain and disability scores at the 10-month evaluation.

Studies of this nature are the first step in understanding the benefits of Chiropractic Maintenance Care. However there is a large body of evidence which is yet to be investigated and through further studies the effects of Chiropractic Maintenance Care may be further understood.